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Wavemaster Design was founded in 2010, however the planning for this new company started many years earlier.

After the collapse of Wavemaster International, Steve consulted to shipyards and design companies while steadily working towards the goal of opening  Wavemaster Design.  The goal was to develop a design company that could use the best software technology available to deliver a design solution at a cost and quality unmatched by others.  Advances in computer hardware, software and the development proprietary work procedures allowed the goal to be realised to a greater extent than first imagined.

He also wanted to be able to provide support for the operators of the boats that he had a part in designing.

To help you appreciate his knowledge and experience,  a brief history of Wavemaster International is given below.


One of the few shipyards in the world that could boast a 100% vessel acceptance rate, WaveMaster International was until 2004 Western Australia’s oldest established builder of large aluminium vessels. The company’s range of experience in high speed construction was arguably greater than any other of the world’s builders of high speed vessels at the time.

WaveMaster International prided itself on its in-house approach to building. From initial concept drawings to trialing, all operations were conducted by WaveMaster’s own people. This resulted in well-monitored quality, a seamless work flow, and a first class final product. This level of self-reliance was one of the keys to WaveMaster International's record of on-time delivery and 100% vessel acceptance rate.

Planning and design was driven by people with abundant practical experience, both on the shop floor and in the commercial operation of high speed vessels. Engineers worked alongside the naval architects, ensuring engineering design specifically applicable to high speed vessels. This operational background was the spur for the team’s determination to produce the most effective vessels possible, and explains their high levels of innovation.

The engineering team achieved balance between the often conflicting objectives of reduced weight, high speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The overriding principle used was value for the customer’s money.

The design office used an amalgam of expertise from naval architects, marine engineers and mechanical engineers. Maxsurf, Hydromax, Workshop, Multiframe, Nastran, Unigraphics and AutoCAD software were all used in creating WaveMaster International vessel designs. 3D CAD allowed our designers and the customer to virtually walk through a vessel before a plate has been cut, giving them a firm base for discussing detailed refinements.

The quality standards to which WaveMaster International's vessels were built were high even by the standards of the Western Australian ship building industry. Everything was, based on a firm establishment of the customer’s requirements, and an unswerving attention to fulfilling them. Time, cost and performance budgets were routinely met as a consequence.

Another consequence of WaveMaster’s determination to build exactly the right vessel for the owner’s purposes is the variety of hull forms they created. Catamaran or monohull, planing or displacement, were recommended according to operating conditions.

Deliveries included high speed passenger and vehicular ferries, offshore support vessels and even sailing tourism vessels. The Company’s ability to work to the highest standards was been recognized by their awarded contracts to refit, re-engineer and refinish motor yachts of world class standards.

Sadly due to financial problems encountered by the overseas owners of the company, Wavemaster International closed its doors in 2004.

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